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Programs for Children and Families

In our current times, it is more important than ever that we teach our children where we came from and how we got here.  Of Thee I Sing: American Heritage Through Song goes a long way in a short period of time to do this! 

Empowering for both girls and boys, this show will be praised by thespians, historians, and children of all ages!

-Andrew Hawk
Principal, Delphi Elementary School
Delphi, Indiana

Program Tours

Programming for children and families is offered in schools, libraries, and in collaboration with community venues and youth organizations on the following themes:

  • The Women's Suffrage Movement

  • Colonial and Revolutionary America

  • Pioneer Life


Performance Experiences

These are not typical classical concerts! Our programs involve historical music and images, onstage costume "shifts," a spoken narrative, and audience participation. These multi-sensory performance experiences bring American heritage to life through music in a way that is unlike anything audiences have ever seen before.

Academic and Social-Emotional Learning Benefits 

Our programs reinforce History/Social Studies, Music, and English/Language Arts Academic Standards, and we have created these programs using the standard codes as a direct guideline. 

Our programming also supports Social-Emotional Learning Competencies by featuring songs about American heroines and heroes from throughout our nation's history. Students learn that the qualities of these Americans are still important today--and that these qualities live inside of each one of us. 

Immersive Performance Experiences


Our multi-sensory performance experiences engage students through:

  • Audience participation incorporated throughout each program, with teaching packings provided in advance to allow all students the chance to learn the song choruses so that they may join in with confidence on the day of the show!

  • Visual aides and supplemental materials to help reinforce key concepts and provide context for both preparation and further discussion.

  • Suggestions and templates for art and classroom teachers on the creation of visual elements (such as costume pieces, signs, hats, and hallway displays) in anticipation of their school's performance. 

Artist-in-Residence Options

Providing an even more in-depth, personalized experience, the following are additional add-on options:


Performance Day Add-Ons:

  • Artists visit individual classrooms to discuss the program content and conduct final student preparations for their roles as actively participating audience members. 

  • Historical songwriting exercise: artists guide students in writing their own song based on the strategies developed throughout American history in which songs were used to affect positive social change. 

Multi-Day Residency:


  • On-stage performing opportunity for students! Artists work with a group or class of students for the week leading up to a school performance.

  • These students engage in in-depth discussion of the program content and learn and 'block' the song choruses to perform for their peers from on stage. 

  • Students have the option to present narrative  content within the program, practicing public speaking and poise.

  • Students write their own song and perform it as the grand finale of the school performance.

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Celebrating qualities of good citizenship

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