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The inspirations for Of Thee I Sing came from heightened patriotism that resulted from several years living abroad combined with the desire to shift my performing career towards more intimate and direct connections with audiences. 


The primary mission of the company is to bring American heritage to life through music. I do this with an array of solo concert offerings focused on major events from American history, our unique folksong heritage, and the music of America's most important composers. Though classically based, these concerts aren't your typical recitals: they are interactive programs with narratives woven through them to bring a specific event or time period to life for the audience and include visuals aids, costuming, and audience participation. 

Programming for Children and Families

Programming for children and families tours in schools, libraries, and community centers. Family concerts, such as my program on American folksong, is a fun and interactive experience for all ages. The school programs are especially developed with the curriculum standards in mind. Educators' time is limited, and the goal of this programming is to serve as an enhancement to the lesson plans already in place in the classroom. I also make a point to emphasize the achievements of important historical figures in a way that inspires patriotism and good citizenship, utilizing American history to support students' social emotional learning. 

Programming for Adults

Concerts for adult audiences are offered through historical societies, arts foundations and other such venues. These performances have expanded content and are extended to feature more in-depth historical narratives. Additionally, program offerings for these audiences include showcases of American composers--both past and present--especially their settings of texts by our most beloved American writers and poets. 

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