We've Come a Long Way, Ladies!

A Centennial Celebration

of the 19th Amendment Through Song

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of American women's right to vote, this program educates and entertains while recognizing the struggle and sacrifices of the Women's Suffrage Movement's most important figures. 

As a response to this Movement, many new songs were composed, complete with original lyrics and melodies. Others were created by changing the lyrics of songs already popular. Suffragette songs from the theater had a special flair all their own. This concert program will feature selections of all of these types of songs, and additionally, two female composers have been commissioned to compose two brand new songs each especially for this program, the text of which is important primary source material from the Movement. Find out more about these composers here. Original footage and authentic costuming will provide further context and supplementation. 

Through the course of this recital program, audience members will learn about:

  • The foreshadowing warning of Abigail Adams to the founding fathers that they should "Remember the Ladies"


  • The importance of bicycles in women's liberation and the scandals this caused in both transportation and attire


  • Songs that furthered the Women's Suffrage cause--whether or not this was their composers' original intention!


  • Frederick Douglass's vital role and contribution to Women's Suffrage at the official beginning of the Movement.


And much more!

Due to the restrictions of live performances imposed by COVID-19, this concert will soon be available as a recorded program for on-demand rental streaming. The program will still contain all of the historical images, costuming, and narratives as the live version, and is a wonderful and innovative way to learn about the brave heroines and heroes of the Women's Suffrage Movement.

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