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Celebrating the 100th anniversary of American women's right to vote, this program educates and entertains while recognizing the struggle and sacrifices of the Women's Suffrage Movement's most important figures. 

As a response to this Movement, many new songs were composed, complete with original lyrics and melodies. Others were created by changing the lyrics of songs already popular. Suffragette songs from the theater had a special flair all their own.


This concert program features selections of all of these types of songs, and additionally, two female composers have been commissioned to compose two brand new songs each especially for this program, the text of which is important primary source material from the Movement. Find out more about these composers here.


Historical images, authentic costuming, and a spoken narrative, and audience participation further enhance the program and bring the time period to life for the audience. ​This is not a typical recital!

Through the course of this program, audience members will learn about:

  • The foreshadowing warning of Abigail Adams to the founding fathers that they should "Remember the Ladies"


  • The role of ladies' fashions within the Movement and the strategies--and scandals--that ensued!


  • Songs that furthered the Women's Suffrage cause--whether or not this was their composers' original intention!


  • Frederick Douglass's vital role and contribution to Women's Suffrage at the official beginning of the Movement.


And much more!

Due to the restrictions of live performances imposed by COVID-19, this recording of this concert is now available as a virtual program. The program still contains all of the historical images, costuming, and narratives as the live version, and is a wonderful and innovative way to learn about the brave heroines and heroes of the Women's Suffrage Movement.

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Concert Reviews:

"We were astounded by the creativity and quality of this performance! The historical information was expertly woven into an educational presentation through song, costume, and narrative.”

-Ann Fields Monical, Tippecanoe Arts Federation

 “We’ve Come A Long Way, Ladies!” is a delightful celebration of the struggle for women’s suffrage that is both patriotic and critically self-aware. Audrey Johnson does a remarkable job translating a broad range of moods and musical styles, bringing this history to life in an imaginative and skillful way."

- Dr. Maeve Callan, Associate Professor of Religion | Director of  the Women's and Gender Studies Program

Simpson College

“Audrey Johnson’s program, “We’ve Come a Long Way Ladies: A Centennial Celebration of the 19th Amendment Through Song,” was the perfect start to Women’s History Month at Simpson College. Audrey’s program brings to life the ways in which popular music both drove and reflected the dynamics of the women’s suffrage movement over the course of seven decades, from the beginnings in Seneca Falls to ultimate adoption of the 19th Amendment. Audrey’s soaring vocal performances, interspersed with reflections on the interplay between American songs and suffragists, transport audience members back in time and foster a deeper understanding of the long march towards women’s suffrage. We were delighted to welcome Audrey back to her alma mater to deliver this program and highly recommend it to other institutions and organizations.”

- Seth Andersen, Director, John C. Culver Public Policy Center, Simpson College

“We’ve Come A Long Way, Ladies!”, a delightful and informative concert by the talented Audrey Johnson, brings to life the long struggle by American women to gain the right to vote. This concert was a perfect way to mark those incredible milestones!”  

-Paula Stein Clark and Pam Petty, League of Women Voters

"Ms. Johnson has curated a program that is at once informative and entertaining. Using a combination of period dress, newly-composed music and even songs dating back to the turn of the 20th century, Ms. Johnson expertly weaves a narrative that recounts a volatile yet important period in American history."

-Gerrod Pagenkopf, Countertenor and Assistant Music Director, Chanticleer

"A well-researched lecture-recital that is steep in historical context and the accompanying traditions, Audrey Johnson's Women's Suffrage program is innovative in its interactive approach to the music and history of the Suffrage movement. And along the way, you will be simply mesmerized just listening to her marvelous voice!"

–Jeffrey Lindberg, Professor of Music, The College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio
Music Director, Wooster Symphony Orchestra
Artistic Director, Chicago Jazz Orchestra

“A fun, energizing, informative, and lovely presentation!”

-Gail Glashan, American Association of University Women