Watch this month's episode of The Living Legacy Series, featuring composer Steven Mark Kohn and his song "The Defendant's Statement" from his dramatic song cycle The Trial of Susan B. Anthony.  
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Of Thee I Sing: American Heritage Through Song

Classically based concert programming that brings American history to life through music, connects audiences with American song, and inspires patriotism and engaged citizenship

An engaging educational concert program on the Women's Suffrage Movement

Children's Program Offerings

A monthly interactive interview series dedicated to living American composers

About the Artist

Audrey Johnson, Mezzo Soprano

Throughout her career, the performance of American vocal works and the delivery of classical music to American audiences has been an integral part of Mezzo Soprano Audrey Johnson’s artistic focus, with lasting effect to all listeners.


A classically trained opera singer, Audrey has combined her vocal talents and performing experience with her patriotic passions to create Of Thee I Sing: American Heritage Through Song, an innovative solo touring company featuring educational, interactive concert programming.


"The concert left me feeling so proud of my country and the patriotism of our ancestors who built this country into the greatest nation of all time."

"With an amazing voice, Audrey Johnson delivers a history lesson about American exceptionalism through songs of our past."

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