Concert Programs for Adults

Programming for adults is offered in libraries, historical societies, and other community venues with the mission of bringing people together to learn about our history through music as well as to cultivate a deeper, shared patriotic pride through the experience of live performances of the music of our nation.


Ours is a rich and multi-faceted culture, and nowhere is this more apparent than in our musical heritage!


In addition to the program's inaugural concert, We've Come a Long Way, Ladies!: A Centennial Celebration of the 19th Amendment, other concerts featuring major events of American History include:


  • The American Revolutionary War

  • The American Civil War

  • American Immigration: Ellis Island (this concert features music of several European countries in their original languages in order to give the audience a deeper sense of these cultures as they blended to form our unique American culture)



Concerts focused on the roots and development of America's musical sound and style include:

  • American Hymns and Spirituals

  • American Folk Song and Stephen Foster



Concerts on American composers feature:​

  • Notable composers such as Aaron Copland, Ned Rorem, and Samuel Barber, especially their settings of texts by American poets such as Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and James Agee

  • German composers such as Previn, Schoenberg, Korngold, and Weill who fled Europe to America during World War II, becoming American citizens and enhancing American musical culture with their artistry (this concert will feature selections in German as well as in English and will also be available with spoken German narration) 

  • Works by living American composers, often with these composers in attendance, giving audiences a direct connection with these artists who are the living continuation of our musical legacy