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Concert Programs
for Children & Families

Programming for children and families is offered in schools, libraries, and other community venues.

Children are directly involved in the presentation of folk song performances with the mission of keeping our nation's folk song heritage alive for our youngest generations.

The programming of social studies content for school performances utilizes the official academic standards from the Department of Education as a direct guideline. These concert programs help students master their benchmarks because they bring lesson content to life through the specific music of the historical events being taught in class.  Additionally, visual aides and supplemental materials help to reinforce key concepts.

One of the great things about the music of our history is that it not only helps kids succeed as students, but also aids in shaping who they are as American citizens. Programming that focuses on social emotional learning features songs about Americans throughout history that overcame adversity and hardship, as well as Americans that had the courage to live by a high code of ethics and morals, even when it was hard to do so.  

This interactive program is best suited for elementary school-aged audiences and families, with the option of additional guided activities for further learning and immersion.


The program focuses on the qualities of the American hero and the ways in which our suffragist ancestors—both women and men—can teach us about being American heroes today.


Providing a new and engaging way to learn about our nation’s history, To Keep Truth Marching On! supports the development of younger audience members as both students and citizens, helping them meet their academic and social/emotional learning benchmarks at school and giving them new perspectives on history and citizenship they carry with them beyond the classroom.

The program opens with an interactive presentation of historical songs from the Suffrage Movement which highlighted the qualities of the American hero and the ways in which our suffragist ancestors—both women and men—can teach us all to be American heroes today.

Participants are actively involved throughout the presentation and join in on many of the songs' choruses.


Following the musical presentation is the option for a group songwriting activity. Participants learn that music is powerful because of the way it makes people feel, which means that through music, we have the power to change the world! After reflecting on their favorite songs and what makes them special, participants write new songs of their own using the same strategies that suffragists used over 100 years ago: writing new texts to melodies that were already known and loved.

This program is available in both virtual and in-person formats for schools, libraries, and other community venues and is now affiliated with the Girl Scouts as an official Patch Program.  

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